Born in 1982 in Lekeitio, Bizkaia (Basque Country). He started photographing and revealing, in the darkroom of the school, at age 12.
In 2011, he attends the course “Documentary Photography” organized by the Basque Summer University and directed by photographer Jesus Mari Arruabarrena. This will change the way he has to understand the photography and become immersed in documentary photography.
In 2012, he participates in the course “Documentary Photography. Personal project” directed by Jesus Mari Arruabarrena and organized by the Basque Summer University.
Since then, he taken part in several workshops with photographers like Samuel Aranda or Walter Astrada.
His photographs have been published in Positive Magazine (Italy), La Directa (Catalonia) and Zazpika (Basque Country).
After having made several personal works and a documentary work about a geriatric and mental health center, at the moment he is mainly working on “Lanbropean” (Under the fog) project. A long term work started in 2011 about the hidden suffering of the Basque conflict.

* Les Chemins de la Photographie (Azkaine, Basque Country)
* GetxoPhoto (Getxo, Basque Country)
* Biennale Internationale d'Arts de Saint Macaire (Saint Macaire, France)

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