Natural of San Sebastian settled in Larresoro (a Basque town under French administration) Oier Oa was released from jail after serving his sentence on 4th of April. He was imprisoned for his involvement in the Basque separatist group ETA.

Unable to extradite him to the Spanish state because of a legal mess, a court has forbidden him to stay in France, but the French Interior Ministry decided to impose an assignment. A similar measure to house arrest, but in Sartrouville, a town near Paris.

He is at hundreds of kilometers from the Basque Country with extreme measures, making him impossible to work or access a home. Forced to sign at the police station three times a day and subsisting on solidarity.

On 5th of June, the Spanish court decided to archive the case opened for belonging to Segi (a Basque pro-independence and revolutionary left-wing organization) so he can return to Basque territories under Spanish administration. While he was waiting french courts decision about his assignment, on 17th of June he was arrested in Sartrouville and moved to a retention centre in Plaisir.

Imprisoned in the retention centre, he is waiting a solution that can be prolonged up to 45 days. The last chapter of a Kafkaesque odyssey.

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