Lanbropean. Under the fog

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Located in the western Pyrenees that spans the border between France and Spain on the Atlantic coast, the Basque Country is one of the oldest nations in Europe. With its own culture and language, Basque. A language classified as isolate. The last remaining descendant of the pre-Indo-European languages of Western Europe.

Currently divided under French and Spanish administration, the Basque territories have witnessed countless conflicts and wars.

In 1958, under Franco’s dictatorship in Spain, first emerged Euskadi Ta Askatasuna, ETA, whose name stands for Basque Homeland and Freedom. Classified as a terrorist organization by the European Union, ETA describes itself as “a political organization that practices the armed struggle”. Over 50 years of armed conflict with territoriality and the right of self-determination as primary keys to understanding politically a conflict that has caused much suffering. Many sufferings.

“Lanbropean” (Under the fog) is a project about a portion of that suffering. The hidden sufferings, often censored, rarely known. Banishment, exile, exception prison policies and deaths caused by the police, right-wing groups, GAL (death squads established illegally by officials of the Spanish government)…

A project that began in 2011 coinciding with the declaration of ETA announcing the definitive cessation of its armed activity. ETA, also, made a call to the governments of Spain and France to open a process of direct dialogue which has as its aim the resolution of the consequences of the conflict and thus the conclusion of the armed conflict.

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